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Rap Around The World – 30 Languages, One Awesome Video


Very cool video of Rap/Hip-Hop being presented in 30 different countries around the globe. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

Here is a sampling of 30 different raps, from 30 different countries (in alphabetical order). While I’m not the biggest fan of the genre, this video really showcases how different Rap/Hip-Hop can sound depending on what part of the world you come  from. Same concept but way different look and sound.

Considering it’s only been a few decades since Rap started dominating the U.S. Billboard charts, it  amazes me how fast a style of music can spread with a little word of mouth and a lot of love from the internet.


F.Y.I. The Chinese version takes the cake for me!

List by appearance:

American: Missy Elliott
British: Lady Sovereign
Cantonese: LMF
Chinese: Wang Lee-hom
Croatian: Tram 11
Danish: Tue Track
Filipino: Parokya Ni Edgar
Finnish: Pikku G
France: Booba
Germany: Samy Deluxe
Greek: Stereo Mike
Hebrew: Shi 360
Hungarian: Ganxsta Zolee
Icelandic: Forgotten Lores
Italy: Frankie Hi-NRG MC
Japanese: Japanese Rap Sta
Korean: Yoon Mi Rae (Tasha/T)
Norwegian: Don Martin (Gatas Parlament)
Polish: Abradab
Romania: Daddy Caddy (Bug Mafia)
Russia: Михей (Mihey)
Slovenian: Murat & Jose
Spanish: Violadores del Verso
Swedish: Fronda
Swiss: EKR
Turkish: Ceza
Vietnamese: VNR
Wolof: Bad’s Diom

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