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WTF! Radiohead Suggests Bandwidth Throttling To Solve Music Pirating


While there are a few ways being proposed on how to stop file sharing, Radiohead thinks bandwidth restriction is the answer. Umm, no!

First let me say Revivl loves Radiohead. Ok Computer may just be the best album ever made as far as we are concerned. However, the leaders of forward thinking in this digital age of music are dead wrong on bandwidth throttling.

No one has came up with a legitimate solution for this issue but rest assured it will eventually be solved. Telling people how much they can download is not it, especially with the inevitable rise of streaming television & movies to your TV via the internet. A year or two from now it will be impossible to tell the torrent downloaders from the soccer moms on the web based on download consumption. A world with bandwidth limits will result in your precious internet looking more like the image below and you do not want that.

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