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Crunkcore? Please Don’t Let This Be The Future Of Music!


Just when you think things couldn’t get much worse than electro-ska, black polka metal, or christian punk, the crunkcore scene comes along and makes everything else look perfectly acceptable.

Rob Dobi, creator of has added a few more scenesters to the list and these are so funny. However, the “Crunkcore Poser” really stood out because i’ve kinda seen this one coming and I fear this could become quite large. This new genre takes the worst ideas from hip-hop like bling, slutty girls, and a vocoder (AKA Crunk) and mixes it with the prepubescent high pitch squeals of screamo. Let’s take a look at Rob’s illustration of the typical “Crunkcore Kid”.

I think he sums it best with this statement:

the crunkcore movement is one that seems to be a brilliant marketing strategy by some sort of modern day lou pearlman who learned to tap into the brain of misguided emo kids who don’t know where to turn. there is no way such a genre would evolve organically, someone had to have made a conscious marketing decision to create one of the worst crossover genres of all time and throw it on myspace to see what happens.

I will be seriously concerned with the youth of today is this is what they decide to latch onto. Below are two videos that represent the movement. The first is a band called Brokencyde that is at the top of this new genre and one of the bands we can blame for starting this crap. Below that is a video example of how this is starting to spread in small towns across the country and is what really has me concerned. Oh for the simple days when devil worshiping was all parents had to be concerned about. I’ll take Deicide, Morbid Angel, and a full back piece of an inverted cross tattooed on my kids back any day over him coming home and listening to this shit.

Make sure to check out for a look at all the scenesters. I’m pretty you will find yourself somewhere on his list. Also make sure to check out the Rob Dobi blog and portfolio. He’s an awesome artist and chances are good you’ve probably seen his work before and didn’t know it.

Brokencyde – I want to puke now!

The definition of No Talent

Fuck learning how to play an instrument. I gotta fucking CD player bitch!

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